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About us

Lyle Theriot (Owner)

Owner/Operator Crescent City CrossFit Gretna, Crescent City CrossFit Elmwood, Crescent City CrossFit Corporate Wellness, The Riot Group Consulting -Co-Founder CCC CōR (Community Outreach)


Athletic Background: -Ellis certified lifeguard/swim instructor -CrossFit 2008-present -Competitive Volleyball


Certifications: -CrossFit Level 1 Trainer -Crossfit Level 2 trainer -CrossFit Endurance -CrossFit Strongman -CrossFit Gymnastics -USAW Olympic lifting


About me:


I've been coaching people as long as I can remember. I began my affair with teaching as an Ellis certified swim instructor teaching children how to swim. In 2008 I started CrossFit via by 2010 I attained my CrossFit level 1 certification and have been coaching CrossFit ever since. I have a love for helping people move, feel, and live better.


In 2012 I moved to New Orleans and opened Crescent City Crossfit Gretna. 6 months later I opened Crescent City CrossFit Elmwood. My mission is to spread CrossFit's teachings and methodologies to as many people as I can.


In 2015 I Co-Founded our CōR (community outreach) program to reach a broader audience for our trainers and allow people to take part in a healthier lifestyle with no monetary investment.


In 2016 I was selected as a Lululemon ambassador for their Canal Place store. I hope to utilize their broad range of development resources to sharpen my coaching and business skills.


One specialty I've developed over years of teaching fitness is helping ages 40+ with pre-existing physical ailments attain a better physical and mental quality of life through functional movement and healthy nutrition. It's never too late to make positive changes in your life. I hope to focus more on this sector of our clientele in the future.


I can be reached at

Kelsey Briner (Level 1 Coach)


Education: Graduating from The University of New Orleans in the fall with a bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology

Certs: CrossFit Level 1 (as of aug. 17)
CrossFit Gymnastics certified
USAG safety certified
USAG Fundamental Gymnastics certified

Athletic background: Competitive gymnast for 9 years, played high school soccer, ran track, and pole vaulted. After high school went back to the gymnastics world and trained tumbling. While tumbling I spent a season as a trampoline dunker for the New Orleans Hornets.

I discovered CrossFit while I was still training gymnastics. I will always love the sport, but there came a point where I was mostly bored and making little to no progress. Tumbling wasn't challenging me or pushing me the way I knew I could be pushed. After taking months off from an ankle injury I was terribly out of shape and I knew tumbling wasn't going to cut it anymore. I was looking for something to push me and challenge me everyday. I was tired of training in a routine and I was looking for something to spark my passion like gymnastics used to. In February 2013 I walked into Crescent City CrossFit and never looked back.

I would consider my previous gymnastics training and coaching experience to be my "specialty".

Available for personal training especially for any gymnastics skills ;)

David Theriot (Level 1Coach)


My name is David Theriot and I have been a proud member of the United States Army since 2007, currently serving as a Staff Sergeant for the Washington Artillery. I have been involved with athletics since 2011 when I joined Venom Multisport Racing, a local New Orleans triathlon group. Since joining VMR I have completed 3 half marathons and a several triathlons throughout the state of Louisiana.

I have been involved with Crossfit since January of 2013 and became immediately hooked (somehow having 'Karen' as my first WOD wasn't enough to scare me away for good). The passion and determination of each and every member of the box is what kept me coming back for more. Being surrounded by such raw energy motivated me to keep pushing and still motivates me to this day.

I have been molding troops for combat for several years now and through that process I've learned what motivates people to achieve beyond what they may think possible. I adapt that knowledge to my coaching style to produce well rounded athletes capable of anything they set their minds to in fitness. I'm currently available for personal training and would love the opportunity to help more individuals unlock their potential.

Gabino Mora (Level 1 Coach)


Athletic Background:High school Football and local league/club Soccer.

Coaching Background:High school Soccer. Club Soccer (u10 u17 u19)

Certification: (CF Level 1 trainer) (also perusing multiple certifications)

Working as a bartender, going to the gym was a way to alleviate the stress built up from the service industry. I grew tired of conventional gyms and needed something more. Something for me.

I remember seeing the reebok CrossFit games on one of the TV's and thought it was the most intimidating thing I had ever seen. Out of curiosity I searched everything I could about crossfit and after 2 months of debating on weather or not I should do it, I decided to give it a shot. After an hour or so of running and weightlifting combined, I was immediately hooked and the rest is history.

I have become a more well rounded athlete thanks to CrossFit and constantly researching new ways to improve movement and efficiency while practicing form and technique religiously. I love being able to express my fitness by playing new sports, doing crazy challenges (1000 burpees im coming for you), and competing in local competitions.

The community is amazing. The people are badass. I just love the idea of pushing myself and others to limits we never knew were there. I love seeing people reach their goals and challenge themselves daily. Just to be apart of that is why I love coaching. I truly believe that everyone can reach his or her goals and that failure is only an obstacle on the path to success. CrossFit gives us strength to break those walls.

Available for personal training. Contact me at Gabino@ccc-fit.coml for information


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